Services Included

Services Included

As a client, you can have everything you need for your pet within your reach. Our deluxe pet mobile service offers the delivery of pet food for prescribed veterinary diets. Please contact us easily by phone, text, or email for delivery requests.

Order your pet's medicine conveniently through our services. Deliveries are arranged for your home or we place the prescription with the pharmacy or your choice if it is available in a human pharmacy, if you wish to pick it up instead.

Laboratory Services

Allow your pet's lab test samples to be taken at home. From our experience, we've learned that testing the pet in his or her home produces more accurate test results. Additional tests offered are the analysis of masses through cytology, and histology. Blood tests for allergies and allergy shots lo help desensitize your pet specifically are also available IDEXX And, of course we also provide wellness check ups via lab work such as: general blood work, urinalyses, fecal testing for intestinal parasites and heartworm and tick borne disease testing.

We offer you and your pet a variety of convenient services. You don't have to break your schedule to bring your pet to the vet unless he or she requires general anesthesia, hospitalization or more sophisticated diagnostic tests. Our array of beneficial services and treatments include:

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