Mobile Vet Advantages

Mobile Veterinary Services

When your pet is feeling blue, we come to your rescue. Our veterinarian arrives at your home fully equipped and ready to help. If your pet needs to be hospitalized, have x-rays or surgical procedures that need general anesthesia, Dr. Avery will refer you to a trusted veterinary practice that fits your pet's needs.

The reason Dr. Avery established this mobile vet service is to help conquer the common stresses of bringing pets to the office. In addition, our house calls are overall better for your pet. We all know that stress has a negative impact on our health, So why would it not have a negative impact in our pets? Our mobile service advantages include:

Accommodating Mobile Veterinary Services in Shelburne, Ontario

Does your cat hide when you bring out the pet carrier? Cry or meow all the way along the drive to the vet clinic? Does your dog who is normally so happy and loving suddenly 'put on the brakes' and 'tremble with fear' when you enter the veterinary hospital waiting room? Worse yet, is it painful or difficult for your dog to walk and get into the car, and then get out and walk into the vet hospital? Or perhaps. Is it difficult for you to get to a veterinary hospital for whatever reason: poor mobility, lack of transportation, inclement weather inconvenient to awake sleeping babies or bundle up the family and or multiple pets to get to the veterinary office? We let you avoid all the 'drama' for your pet and the hassles for you when you ask for help from Avery Mobile Veterinary Services. We come to you to help keep you and your pet as comfortable as possible.

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