About Us

Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr, Avery is a 2004 graduate from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward lsland where she first completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology.

"I don’t remember the moment I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian, l just grew up knowing that's what I wanted to be. When l was in University and went through my childhood belongings, l found a piece of artwork I made as a grade 2 kid. It showed my veterinary clinic with 'Dr. Avery' on the door. So, I guess the idea had been there even as a young child!

I have worked in general and emergency practice for years. I noted that while the veterinary community is generally very caring and services pets and clients well, I thought that we could do more as vets. Why not provide more comfort for our patients and our clients by bringing vet care for pets to their homes? So, I decided to finally take the scary plunge of starting a business and converted my minivan into my dreams.

Who doesn't love a happy puppy, or a cuddly kitten, or a big sloppy dog kiss saying 'thanks'? However, being a vet does become a difficult job when the animal faces challenges or illnesses we can't always help as veterinarians. At those times, it comforts me when I can make things a little easier on all involved by just being me. My rule in life is "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".

For every pet parent there are hard times emotionally, when their pet is terminally ill. I have been there too as a pet parent. I want to be able to give pets, clients and their families the privacy, peace and dignity that they cannot always get by going to a veterinary hospital when it becomes time to humanely euthanize and end a pet's suffering. I feel it is a privilege to be allowed to help people and animals in these situations and I always treat them as if they were a part of my own family by giving them the respect and dignity they deserve.

House Calls for Pets

Attaining house calls for your pet is easy. Simply speak with us by phone, text request or send us an email. We quickly examine the situation and determine if we need to recommend a crisis or emergency clinic for assessment, diagnostics and hospitalization. we field your call, we come to your house when scheduled or as discussed.

We don’t believe in over-vaccinating, and will help you decide on the individual approach we will use for your pet to keep it healthy. We will adapt our 3 year core and rabies vaccines to custom fit your pet. An annual wellness examination is recommended yearly even if vaccinations are not required annually to help prevent, detect and treat illness if and when possible.

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